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How To Become God

An insane person: inherently opposer of the status quo, is abruptly transported into a realm known as ‘Tutorial’. Deprived of any guidance, they quickly grow infuriated. However, soon enough they…

# comedy # fantasy


in this world where the world has ended, how can you live your best life? In Gomorah, powerful Arcaneers have oppressed the humans with terrible and deadly curses. But this…

# fantasy # sci-fi

Maid Story Online

In the year 2032, Awalken of Reminiscence RPG is the premier VRMMORPG, and has been so for the last ten years. However the quality of the official game has declined…

# slice of life

The Village

Some city kids out to make some money by collecting discarded trash cans go to the countryside right outside their city where they meet a farmer.

# sci-fi

Yumi Minami Raising Project

Rinroku Terada, a high school loner, hides a secret: he’s a successful manga creator. When his identity is accidentally revealed to class rep Minami and artist Miyabi, they become his…

# comedy # sci-fi

Birthday Story

The Mi-RAI Gadget Laboratory is a secluded mansion where a reclusive 14-year-old boy named Reiki Yamashita lives with his maids. Reiki’s parents were part of a Hero’s Party summoned from…