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This is a personal wiki for a web novel titled The Light Novel Club which you can read over at

TLNC is about a group of Japanese high schoolers in an after-school club which is supposedly about Japanese Light Novels. However, in actuality, it is just a place for the club members to relax and indulge in their anime otaku hobbies, until someone inevitably interrupts this statis.

Also, it goes without saying that there will be spoilers for TLNC going forward from here.

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Full Wiki Table of Contents

  1. North High
    1. Light Novel Club Characters
      1. Yamada
        1. Yamada's Visual Novel List
        2. Yamada's Anime List
      2. Tanaka
        1. Tanaka's Anime Reviews
      3. Okabe Sensei
      4. Ishikawa Isshin
        1. Ishikawa's Anime List
        2. Ishikawa's Older Brother
      5. Makoto Izumi
        1. Izumi's English Literature Essays [Page is Under Construction]
        2. Izumi's Older Sister [Page is Under Construction]
        3. Izumi's Book List
  2. Moe Delight Maid Café Empire
    1. Akane Hoshino/Lucia
    2. Hoshino-san
    3. The man at the back of the maid café.
  3. Desire Island
    1. McDougal Arthur, aka Mac