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Ryo Kamina is an Otaku who lives in a dystopia where Artificial Intelligence has replaced most of our jobs. To escape from this reality he escapes into wonderland.
An anthology of short stories starting with the newly revised ‘The House on a rocky shore’.

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Once again, members of the literature club (now called ‘Okey Dokey Literature club’) gathered on the 28th of January to share their poetry. This time four members performed their poetry…

The following poetry has been kindly provided by our literature club members: ‘aja’, ‘Fahrenheit’, ‘Huskycommander’ , ‘Fox the Eternal’  and ‘Church’ respectively. We hope you enjoy reading our work!  …

Note for the reader’s sanity: This blog post started out as a review of Gunbuster but quickly spun out of control onto matters outside an anime about high school girls…

What indeed. It’s a place for me and some of my friends to post short stories.