Chapter 1

A great morning

CHAPTER 1: A great morning

As Rosemary soars through the sky, Her giant cloak violently flaps in the wind. The oversized snail shell she uses as a hat acts as a barrier for her face and the winds. She looks down, and a beautiful but haunting scenery beholds her emerald eyes.

Her trusty steed, the “Idaten TranspoCruise Broomcycle”; is a cheap, affordable, short-distance broomstick. But by the looks of it, it much more resembles a wheelless motorbike with a giant jet thruster welded at the back, with flaps making the nozzle of the thruster look like a broom head.

Vast skyscrapers, now hollowed-out husks stretch across the horizon as far as the eye can see. At some times, gigantic metal limbs poke out of the graveyard of concrete and rebar. Above Rosemary, a drab cloudy grey covers the whole environment like a damp blanket, with purple electricity running across the clouds like power cables. The magic from the Arcaneers seemed to have polluted the skies, painting an eerie, dangerous, and mysterious environment.

The weather forecast did say a slight risk of Arkrain; a meteorological event where the excess magic from the Arcaneers would rain down in a corrosive and deadly purple rain. Because of that, little Rosemary descends into the cracks and into the inside of the buildings.

From there a whole new environment has been shown, the destroyed buildings make way for a giant underground city. The entirety of the rocks and dirt under the surface, were excavated to make way for skyscrapers and buildings that would have breached through the clouds above ground.

Welcome to Dai Mígōng, a labyrinthine city with more alleyways than roads, and more houses than space. Making the use of Broomcycles a necessity, from here a variety of folk walk around the place. From bakers preparing their shops, delivery boys on similar looking Brooms whizzing past, and other hard-working folks going about their business. But what makes them all distinctly from there is the way they look and act, everyone armed to the teeth with gun-like weapons strapped to their backs. With some more than others.

Rosemary just ignores them and continues riding through the small passageways skillfully like she has memorized this place like the back of her hand. After a few dozen corners, she reaches a large metal bolted gate in the mouth of a cave. At the side is a toll booth of sorts. As she gets near, the small window opens with an audible rusted sound as a tall woman pokes out of the window.

She has a long face, narrow slant pitch black eyes with pointed ears. Her skin has a soft wooden texture with very small leaves and moss growing out of it. Her hair is a long with a ghastly white color to it, she has a very ghostly demeanor about her.

“Off to the Academy?” The woman says with a raspy, uninterested, and monotone voice as she takes a hit of her cigarette.

“You know it, Edna! “ Replied Rosemary

“40 Yuus and I’ll open up the gates, Rose”

“Hold on lemme just… Ah, here you go! “ Rose says as she drops a variety of coins at the little tray inside the window

“Have a safe trip.”

As Edna says that, the gates creak open. And a cold, dark cave greets Rosemary

“I can never get used to this- Thanks, Edna!”

Rosemary says kicking her Broom off the ground and she speeds into the cave.

Then all of a sudden, in a blink; Rosemary ends up on the other side of the cave into a bright and cloudy place. She takes a sigh as she exits the mouth.

A completely new environment opens before her very eyes as she is greeted with silver grassy meadows, blue-leaved trees. And countless floating islands decorate the starry, yet sunny sky.

In the middle of the current sky island they’re at is a monumental castle, with tall and sharp spires piercing the clouds. And thin archways spread out, making the place look like a large stone tree.

“Gosh, I hope Sir doesn’t catch me. If I fly fast enough I’ll be only five minutes late!” Rosemary remarks

Then from the entrance of the castle, exits someone who looks like Rosemary. But she looks noticeably taller, with smooth, long Raven hair.

“Big Sis Viv!” Rosemary says as she runs to her, Broom in her hand

“Rose, don’t use this route! Mr. Ar’s gonna find you and you’ll be marked for tardy!” Viv says as she hurriedly gestures to little Rosemary to the numerous smaller doors around the castle

The school’s halls have a dark academia style on them, with regal Marble pillars, and statues. A variety of creepy paintings line the various places on the campus. And walking casually, yet lowly and quietly are the two sisters.

“It’s not my fault I swear, the Doctor’s time is apparently 25 minutes slo-“

Before Rosemary finishes that sentence, a hand with anteater-like fingernails reaches out to grab her coat. And out of the doors is a short and stout old man with a very prominent nose, thick furrowed eyebrows, and a beard so long it covers his entire torso. The man also wears a very elegant-looking red bespoke suit with various golden pins.

“I take it that you’re still acquainted with Doctor Richard Shatterhand?”


“Let me give you a yuu’s worth of advice; Stop hanging out with him, he’s a real nutjob. Everything about that man is just trouble! You keep meeting him and you’ll be in dire straits yourself”

“Yeah… I’ll keep that in mind Sir. “

“This is your problem Rose, You’re a Tard! you remind me a lot of your father… He was a real tard too, like you.”

“…” Rosemary just stands there, quietly. Her face is as still as a marble statue, but even Viv can feel the anger.


“In all respect Sir, history will change.”

Rosemary says, storming off.



Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2024
in this world where the world has ended, how can you live your best life? In Gomorah, powerful Arcaneers have oppressed the humans with terrible and deadly curses. But this place is not without hope, somewhere deep in the bowels of this trashed planet lies "The Hand" a mysterious monolith that is said to grant any wish. This is the story of friendship, violence, and grime This is: YAKI-YAKI When things hit rock bottom, why not go deeper?


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