Miko Story Ver 2

igu jingu shrine

Igu Jingu Shrine

On a quiet winter morning during the early Taisho Era (1912-1926) a battle took place in a remote Shinto shrine called Igu Jingu. The Shrine was dedicated to an obscure snake god called Igukami.

Shrine maidens were bestowed supernatural powers by their gods and Igu Jingu’s Miko were no exception. Many decades ago with the help of his shrine maidens Igukami had sealed away the demon god Isakanonushi.

Within the shrine’s grounds was a holy spring that bubbled up to create an open air bath for the shrine maidens to purify themselves for rituals and leisure.

Set at the four corners of the shrine compound were four stone monuments which sealed Isakanonushi.

Currently there were three shrine maidens at Igu Jingu. All three wore the white haori (formal coat) and red hakama (split skirt).

Hizumi, the purple-haired, cream-colour-eyed head shrine maiden at Igu Jingu, also wore an eboshi, a dark-yellow pointy hat which most Miko in this day and age wore no longer. Hizumi was 94 years old but she looked like a 9 year old girl.

At the age of nine, she received the curse of agelessness when she helped Igukami seal Isakanonushi.

Due to her long years of service to the shrine, she could channel Igukami’s power the most of the three shrine maidens. She usually wore an expressionless face.

Two years ago Hizumi had acquired an apprentice called Kagame. Kagame was an orphan from the nearby village down the hill where the shrine sat overlooking the scenery.

Kagame looked up to Hizumi as a mentor figure and was grateful for having been taken in despite the rather isolated lifestyle at the remote shrine.

Kagame was 18 years old and had silver coloured eyes and hair and dark skin. It may have made for an unusual sight to see her take orders from a nine year old who acted like an adult but there was no one to watch them. Perhaps because of this contrast Kagame tended to act childish.

Two months ago they had unexpectedly been joined by a third shrine maiden, Yugami, a wandering Miko who had set out on a journey to exterminate evil demons. Yugami’s spiritual powers had sensed that something was going to happen at Igu Jingu and thus joined the two.

Yugami at first glance had a very stand-off-ish attitude but was actually very shy and awkward but was slowly warming up to Hizumi and Kagame. Yugami carried around her cumbersome Yumi at all times. A Yumi is a Japanese long-bow. She was only 15 years old and had never exorcised a demon alone herself. Was she perhaps setting out on her journey too soon?

Her large bow however was not her only unusual feature, as she wore what seemed to be a red dog collar which was covered up by her blonde hair at most times. She explained that it was a memento from her home shrine but said no more.

In the short time they had spent together they lived their daily lives purely as shrine maidens; performing their morning and evening purification and the occasional ritual for the village’s harvest and health.

They cleaned, cooked, and did the laundry in the compound and bathed in the hot spring. The small donations from the village were enough to keep them fed on a basic diet.

It was an uneventful life waiting at the shrine for the inevitable attack, but it was a blessed and peaceful one.

Like this the winter solstice finally came around and the shrine maidens were in the middle of their morning purification (cold-water ablutions) when the first demonic attack happened.

The barrier around the shrine compound hardened leaving them no choice but to fight for their lives within the shrine’s grounds. They did not have to look for the demon for it almost immediately found them.

The demon did not have a mouth, nor eyes, or nose or ears. It was a faceless gaunt humanoid bat-winged creature about two metres wide and surprisingly fast for its size. The canopy of the barrier flickered in and then and then out of existence as the demon struck it with increasing force.

Any spiritual weapons and beings were not able to pass through that barrier because it wasn’t a barrier against demons in particular but against all spiritual beings. This meant that they couldn’t really do anything to it until it broke through the barrier because as miko they and their weapons also had spiritual power imbued into them.

Hizumi prepared herself to invoke Igukami’s powers through words. She held a sasaki, branches of divine wood and whirled it back and forth ritually while she began chanting in haste:

By the power of the sacred shrine Igu Jingu, I invoke the spirits of the divine Igukami. To cleanse this world of evil and sin and restore harmony. Let the light of the sun and moon shine upon us with their boon. And grant us peace and prosperity for all eternity.”

Kagame rushed back in and out of the living quarters in the shrine stumbling over herself a few times, and remembering to take off her sandals before entering. She grabbed a revolver loaded with holy bullets blessed by Igukami through Hizumi’s intercession.

Just as their preparations were coming to an end the demon broke through the barrier. Yugami released an arrow from her Yumi but the demon dodged it with ease.

The demon immediately flew towards the closest of the four stone monuments which sealed Isakanonushi, only Hizumi who was reciting her incantation was in its path.

Yugami this time sent two arrows flying against the demon but missed probably because she was too worried she might hit Hizumi. Kagame meanwhile started to blindly shoot in the demons direction. One of the bullets grazed Hizumi but another hit the intended target doing no damage, but drawing the demon’s attention towards Kagame herself. A defenceless Kagame just stared at the approaching demon while dropping the holy bullets which she was trying to reload her revolver with out of her hand.

Hizumi dropped the sasaki in her hands and cast off the eboshi on her head. Thanks to Yugami and Kagame buying time she was finally able to complete the ritual to fully Igukami’s power and turn around the fight.

Gone were the expressionless cream-coloured eyes, as everything from the whites of her eyes to the pupils turned black. Now she temporarily embodied the serpent God Igukami.

Hizumi raised her hands and two purple rays of light flew out of from them to Yugami’s bow and Kagame’s revolver which now also emanated the same purple light.

“Advance relentlessly and obliterate this pathetic demon,” Hizumi said with a voice that resonated beyond her own. “But beware, for daring to summon me to vanquish such a feeble Youkai shall exact a heavy toll upon you.”

The demon turned to flee sensing the immense demonic energy coming from Hizumi.

Yugami and Hizumi fired their weapons simultaneously without any hesitation. The demon once again tried to dodge but the projectiles changed their course mid-air and then incinerated their bewildered target into purple mist which soon dissipated into nothing.

The shrine maidens cleaned up after the battle during the rest of day light. The red Tori gate, overlooking the shrine entrance and the village below, was damaged. They couldn’t fix it without the right materials. The shrine sat on a steep hill, with a view of the village.

Hizumi, or rather Igukami in control of Hizumi’s body, supervised their work but quickly grew bored. He remained indoors, anticipating the shrine maidens to fulfil their end of the bargain. They were to repay him for his favor by serving a delectable meal, which he would relish using Hizumi’s mouth. Hunger gnawed at Hizumi’s body, and he regretted ordering the cleanup before satisfying his appetite.

Yugami finished replacing the damaged talismans for the spiritual barrier and absentmindedly remarked, “It’s strange, isn’t it? Hizumi seems more human when she’s possessed.”

“No, that’s not true! Shh… She might hear you, and it’s not true,” Kagame replied, slightly angry.

“You’re the one being loud, Kagame.”

To purify themselves, Yugami and Kagame washed their feet in the foot-bath—a small stream of water flowing through a stone basin at the bath’s edge. Then they cleansed themselves with frigid buckets of water from a well, the winter water biting with icy coldness.

Hizumi, having regained her usual self, reunited with the pair at the serene holy spring of the shrine, where the bubbling waters created an inviting bath.

Grr..Grr..A faint growl emanated from Hizumi’s stomach, causing her to blush. Though her countenance remained serene, she modestly lowered herself, submerging half her face beneath the waterline.

“My apologies,” she murmured apologetically, her words muffled by the playful bubbles.

Well, if you’re hungry that only means that Igukami will enjoy his meal the more.”

Hizumi nodded sagaciously as she re-emerged from the water.

It’s too hot…” Kagame complained. “In the bath. Let’s go outside.”

This attack will not be the last one.” Yugami observed. “Then with your permission I shall intrude on this temple’s generosity for a bit longer, Hizumi-san.”

You are being too formal. You have been a great help to us.”

Not… at all. My arrows couldn’t hit that demon until you boosted my bow.”

My, my, that demon was too fast and I am sure you will improve with practice. More importantly Kagame might die if we stay here any longer… Long exposure to holy water isn’t too good for her.”

Kagame was laying prone, her skin reddened and laying half out of the bath with arms outstretched. Two rabbit ears which were previously absent had appeared on her head, this was proof that she was originally a priestess of Isakanonushi.

Isakanonushi had sent her knowing full well that she would be exposed.” Hizumi explained. “An evil god that plays with humans’ fates for his own amusement in the name of testing them. That’s the kind of god he is.”

Hizumi was aware that Kagame had been dispatched as a spy to disrupt the shrine. Kagame, being Isakanonushi’s pawn, had fallen under her scrutiny. However, Hizumi chose to show mercy and, with Igukami’s consent, spared her from exorcism. In return, Kagame was allowed to remain on the condition that she betrayed her former master, Isakanonushi, and pledged loyalty to Igukami.

After having their baths they put aside their dirtied priestess clothing to be washed tomorrow morning and instead wore some light-fitting Yukata. Hizumi still wore her Eboshi.

Together they walked up to the shrine’s inner sanctum and performed two bows, two claps, and one bow.

They played rock paper scissor to decide who would choose what they would cook. Yugami won.

They had saved food for the winter solstice and used it to prepare a Yakiniku buffet.

The food was presented in a traditional Japanese room, devoid of chairs, featuring a low-lying table. Seated graciously, they positioned themselves with their feet tucked beneath them, embracing the customary manner of sitting.

Hizumi placed a sacred rope around her neck and chanted a brief incantation:

Oh mighty Igukami the god of spring and life. I offer thee my body and soul as your vessel on this earth. Let me be your instrument to spread your grace and glory.”

Hizumi’s eyes turned pitch black and she changed her posture to sit cross-legged. Her mannerism was unlike the graceful way she usually carried herself.

Humu… most delicious.” Hizumi said while she crudely popped Sashimi treats into her mouth. She spoke in the same distorted double-voice which sounded like a male and a female voice speaking the same words simultaneously. Clearly the possession had gone without a hitch. They were in Igukami’s presence, not Hizumi’s.

What are you waiting for,” Igukami said urging Yugami and Kagame to join in him in his meal. “I am losing appetite looking at your hungry face.”

Yugami bowed to Igukami and then Kagame hurriedly did the same.

Itadakimasu!” Kagame said a bit too awkwardly loudly. Igukami looked unperturbed.

Hmmm… Wow. This rice is delicious! Protecting you humans is worth it.”

Anyway, the demon you killed with my help was probably sent here by one of the four heavenly kings. Ouch…” Igukami burnt Hizumi’s mouth on the hot steaming rice but still continued eating though tears were forming on her eyes. Kagame parted the rice to help let it cool.

There was a look on shock on Yugami’s face as she unlike Kagame was not totally distracted by the food. Some rice stuck to her face fell out of her mouth onto her plate.

The Demon Lord’s Four Heavenly Kings were not an enemy they were ready to face, not when they struggled with some low level mob demon.

Igukami stopped to look at Yugami’s expression and then a look of understanding dawned on his pitch black eyes.

The first Heavenly King is always the weakest!” Igukami said holding up a large peace of meat with his chopsticks. “As long as you have got me then you have nothing to worry about. However I’ll need a new medium. Hizumi despite what she looks like is over a hundred years old, Kagame is a half-demon girl created by Isakanonushi so she won’t do, and as for you lady,” He pointed at her with his chopsticks. “You are a servant of another Kami.”

All this explaining is making me more hungry but this body can only hold so much.” Igukami complained.

“But Igukami-sama, it is impossible to find someone so quickly,” Yugami interjected. “We are unaware of when they will strike, and forgive my audacity, but your shrine lacks a substantial following. Even if we miraculously discovered a spiritually gifted young virgin girl, willing to serve you, Igukami-sama, it would take a minimum of three years to train her as a Miko.”

So Yugami-chan, if that is your real name, your words about me not having many followers hurt me a bit and if I were a more normal god I would have killed you on the spot. Anyway I understand what you mean but when you are as old a God as I, a Primordial God am, you’ve always got a trick up your sleeve.” Saying so Igukami produced an ornate red sword out of the sleeve of Hizumi’s Yukata. The sword had a symbol of a dragon on its handle.

Igukami looked satisfied with the surprised reaction of the shrine maidens.

Heheh… This ornate God-Rending Grudge Sword is intended for killing the wicked. If you equip it you gain “Beheading Sword” as a weapon. However, you will not be able to use this weapon to attack anyone who is not clearly evil. When used correctly, you get a bonus of +2 to Athletics in actual physical combat.”

A bonus of plus two… what?”

I was reading from the rule book but… nevermind just ignore what I said okay.”

I-Igukami-sama c-can t-that s-sword k-k-kill Isakanonushi….” Kagame asked looking down.

Now, now let’s not get ahead of ourselves Kagame-chan. A Kami can only be sealed, he cannot be killed, you should know that as a miko, even a fake miko like you — oh wait was I too harsh? Well, If I weren’t a bit impudent would I even be a god? The sword can be useful so I’ll let you wield it Kagame-chan, in exchange can you let me have that gun, I doubt your aim is precise enough to handle it, but Hizumi could make good use of it. .

Kagame handed the revolver to Igukami. He scrutinized it meticulously, swiftly disassembling and reassembling it on the dining table. Afterward, Igukami directed Kagame’s attention to a small symbol on the barrel—a cross embraced by two circles.

You got this gun from Isakanonushi didn’t ya?”

Y-yes t-to k-”

To kill me and Hizumi-chan right?”

Kagame nodded.

Wait you mean that Gun could kill you Igukami-sama?” Yugami asked.

Not quite but close enough. If Hizumi were to be killed it would be quite annoying indeed for me to manifest in this world. She signed a contract with me. It isn’t easy to keep someone eternally youthful you know, even for me.” Igukami said as he downed a glass of sake.

Hizumi-chan does not drink because her body is still that of a nine year old.” Kagame pointed out.

Huh? Oops I forget! In that case let’s just call it a “youthful indiscretion” shall we Kagame-chan? Waah I am feeling drowsy already…. This is really a 9 year old’s body… When will I be able to drink again…ZZZZZzzz”

The darkness in Hizumi’s eyes faded away as her eye-lids closed. The dangerous aura around her disappeared and she fell asleep.

Kagame and Yugami let a out a sigh of relief simultaneously. It was the first time they had met with a god. Kagame finally took a good look at the red sword of justice, a gift from that self-declared “impudent” god.

They covered Hizumi with a blanket so that she wouldn’t catch a cold. Yugami carried over some futon from the sleeping quarters and they all slept on the tatami mats of that dining room together. It snowed that night and there was a thick mist engulfing the shrine in the morning.

Hizumi woke up and set out to sweep the porch-like raised wooden floor around the shrine altar with a long handled shuro broom. She felt a little bit sick from overeating but that wasn’t enough to stop her from doing her duties.

There was already someone outside sitting on a rock jutting out of the snow. Yugami gazed towards the village down the hill through the red tori gate but all she could see was dark mist.

I have been awake since dawn.” Yugami said without turning towards Hizumi.

What’s worrying you Yugami?”

Couldn’t you hear us last night when you were possessed by Igukami?”

When Igukami-sama possesses me I am still conscious through my senses.”

Hizumi-san, can’t we attack this enemy first before it attacks us? The best defence is to attack.”

We don’t know where they are hiding but they know where we are, an ambush is impossible but there’s no use in worrying. Have faith in Igukami-sama and yourself.”

Thank you. I don’t know about Igukami-sama and myself but I will have faith in you.”

The mist above the shrine turned pitch black. It crept closer, brushing against the cross-bow-shaped “chigi” on the shrine’s roof. From within the black haze emerged the colossal visage of a red, long-nosed Tengu. The smoke materialised into immense fists, plummeting towards Hizumi and Yugami with formidable might, leaving deep indentations where they had stood moments ago.

Yugami brandished the Kagura Suzu, a dagger adorned with twelve bells encased in its circular cross-guard, while red and white silk stripes adorned its hilt.

Hizumi swiftly retrieved a wand concealed in her sleeve. The wand bore Shide, zigzag-shaped paper streams adorned with nanji (swastika) symbols. With a wave of the wand, a barrier materialised, causing the giant fists to dissolve into mist upon contact. The wand created a barrier which the fists could not penetrate.

Under the cover of this barrier Yugami tied the Kagura Suzu dagger onto an arrow and sent it flying towards the giant demonic face floating above them. The demon let out a gasp of pain and the dark mist disappeared.

H-how did that Yokai get through the barrier…. We didn’t even get a warning.” Yugami asked.

It must have used the mist to fool the barrier… to hide it’s spiritual nature. The barrier is too weak.” Hizumi concluded. “I’ll have to strengthen it with ofuda.”

Kagame came out of the shrine while rubbing her eyes.

What a peaceful morning!” She commented obliviously. “Isn’t it?” She added uncertainly when Yugami and Hizumi didn’t respond.

Are you stupid?” Yugami finally asked. “Do you want to die?” Yugami snapped.

Kagame-san is a sound-sleeper, don’t be too harsh on her.”

Hizumi told Kagame about the fight with dark mist demon while Yugami sulked as she sat on the shrine’s porch with her arms and legs crossed.

Kagame slowly approached Yugami and bowed deeply.

I am s-so s-sorry Yugami-sama! Please forgive me!”

Hmph… I accept your apology.”

Hizumi approached them seeing the two were struggling to proceed to make up.

The battles are probably going to get worse from here on out, but… let’s all work together to do our best.”

That’s such a corny line Hizumi-san.” Yugami complained still with her arms crossed. “But… I guess I feel a little better now.” She said getting up.

After this scene they cleared up after the battle as best the could and went out to check each of the four stone monuments which sealed Isakanonushi and to reinforce them with ofuda.

iga jingu stone monument

One of the four igu jingu stone monument

Ofuda are talismans made of paper usually but these were made of wood. On the ofuda there was the seal of Igu Jingu shrine and the name of its enshrined God Igukami.

When they were inspecting the second of the three stones, one of the wooden ofuda in Yugami’s hand unexpectedly cracked and broke in half, the pieces dropping out of her hand.

N…No…I don’t think that’s very good. Not at all.” Yugami uttered, halting herself on the steps leading to the shrine.

Hizumi and Kagame noticed the absent-minded look of fear on Yugami’s face.

Yugami-san, I am not saying because I have any doubts in your abilities but if you feel like you want to leave that’s fine. This is our shrine’s problem. So you don’t have to worry about us.” Hizumi plainly stated.

No, a powerful demon like Isakanonushi being freed is everyone’s problem. It’s more strange that the other shrine’s I talked to don’t care about it.” Yugami said while still looking away. “I have got to do my duty.”

She then turned to Kagame and then bowed deeply.

Kagame-san I am sorry, I was taking my own unease out on you. There is no excuse for that.”

It’s okay Yugami-sama…” Kagame tried to comfort Yugami. “I am also nerv-ahh!” but she bowed too far and tripped on herself trying to bow back and instead goes tumbling down into Yugami causing both of them to fall down the staircase together.

What’s your idea – huh?” Yugami started accusing Kagame, but abruptly paused as she realized she was speaking with Kagame’s voice, not her own. “What in the world is happening? Why am I in Kagame’s body? Please don’t tell me she’s…”

Yes, Kagame has swapped bodies with you.” Hizumi explained. “If two people fall down the Stairs of Legend together, they will switch bodies but why hasn’t Kagame-chan spoken up?”

They both look at Kagame who was unintentionally feeling up Yugami’s ample chest oblivious to the fact that she was being observed.

S-stop that you perverted demon!”

Once more they tumbled down the staircase and this time they switched back to their own bodies.

Isn’t that kinda dangerous to have here? I am not sure I could have fought properly in a body that’s not my own… what if a demon had show up now…” Yugami asked while setting her priestess outfit straight.

Five minutes.” Hizumi said. “Even if you hadn’t swapped back your bodies by falling down the stairs again, the effect would have worn off in five minutes.”

To reach the final stone monument that sealed Isakanonushi’s power they would have to cross the Dragon God Pond.

“What’s the issue?” Yugami inquired. “Can’t we cross the pond by stepping on those stones?” She pointed at the seemingly endless succession of stepping stones across the water.

“Do not be deceived. Some stones sink, while others remain stable. To cross the pond, you must run across the stepping stones instead of walking. Standing on a stone for too long will cause it to sink as well,” explained Hizumi.

“Hmm… but if Hizumi-san has already crossed the pond, she must know which stones sink and which do not,” Yugami reasoned.

“Yes, but unfortunately, this pond and these stones have been infused with Takeshi’s misfortune-inducing magic. Each time someone passes through, the sinking and stable stones change randomly. You need to possess a pure heart and a remarkably high Luck attribute to successfully traverse the Dragon God Pond,” elaborated the other person.

“High Luck attribute… what?” Yugami responded, puzzled, as she scratched her head.

Never mind that let’s let Kagame-chan do this as she’s the most suited for it.”

But why is it there?”

To protect the final stone sealing Isakanonushi obviously.”

But as long as you are willing to get wet then you can easily get across the pond.”

Yes, that is true.”

Hizumi tied a red safety helmet on Kagame’s head.

This is to protect your head Kagame-chan. It’s very important.”

Thank you Hizumi-sama.”

Hizumi grabbed a whistle from underneath the neckline of her hakama. Kagame knelt forward and prepared to sprint.

On your mark— get set… ready… GO!”

Kagame sprinted across the first few stones in the pond.

Oh, I forgot to use this whistle.” Hizumi said. “I must be getting older.”

Kagame’s rabbit ears appeared as she engaged her demon miko powers. She was glad she was finally being useful. Thanks to her superior speed she effortlessly traversed the stepping stone. All was going smoothly until the last three stones unexpectedly sank, causing her to trip and land with a thud face-first onto the other shore of the pond.

Kagame held back a few tears and set out to do her task of setting up the ofuda while she tried not to think how she’d get back across the pond.

Meanwhile Hizumi and Yugami were watching Kagame from across the pond.

I gave her that had to protect to protect her but I never expected her to hit her face. That’s Takeshi’s misfortune-inducing magic for you. Dangerous.”

When she landed face-first into the ground… I had to hold back my laughter.” Yugami said. “Is that also because of Takeshi’s magic?”

Kagame decided it’s not worth risking anymore bruising so she used the full extent of her powers which did not only give her rabbit ears but also rabbit feet with which she easily jumps across the pond. She gave the two surprised Miko a thumbs up and a smile from her bruised face.

Upon their arrival at the shrine entrance, the sun had already reached its mid-day peak, and a visitor awaited them. An elderly villager had come bearing sake brewed from rice, presenting it as a final offering before departing for Tokyo to live with his children.

I hope these will suffice as an offering. I remain in debt to this shrine and Igukami-sama for all the good harvests.”

He seemingly pretended not to see Kagame’s rabbit ears and feet and bowed and clapped at the shrine before leaving with his belongings.

There was a large crate of sake which he had left and they decided to offer it to Igukami that night because there was nowhere to keep it. It was unusual for the small shrine to have so much donated at once.

During the evening meal they all sat in a circle like they had done for the last few months. The familiar feeling somehow became mixed with sorrows about upcoming battles.

After the meal they sat in silence briefly until Hizumi broke that silence.

Well, there’s nothing to it, let’s offer the sake to Igukami-sama.”

They brought over the sake crate, Yugami and Kagame placed the sacred rope around Hizumi’s neck and then Hizumi performed her usual chant:

Oh mighty Igukami, I offer you my body and soul to spread death and curses to your enemies and bring about their end of days.”

Hizumi’s eyes glazed over and then turned entirely black including their whites. A dark aura surrounded her. She was possessed by Igukami’s spirit now, and spoke in the same strange double-voice.

Yugami informed Igukami of the attack from the dark mist demon and the reinforcement of the shrine’s barrier. Finally she informed him of the sake which had been offered to him by the old villager.

What a treat! Finally I have been woken up for a good reason. Now I have got to make sure this year’s harvest goes without a hitch. However if I were to drink all that sake alone as I wish to then poor Hizumi here would die. Besides drinking alone is lonely so I demand you two Miko to join in me in drinking.”

B-but a Miko is supposed to be pure, unless it’s for rituals, alcohol is a no-go Igukami-sama.” Yugami protested while Kagame eyed the liquor.

I am god, aren’t I? Therefore if I tell you to drink then it’s a ritual isn’t it? There, problem solved.”

That’s a god for you!” Kagame said uncharacteristically confidently as she gulped thirstily looking over the sake.

See? This little one gets it. Before we drink and am ejected from Hizumi’s body, there’s something I want to say, about that sword. Practice a hundred sword swings everyday, when the God-Rending Grudge Sword acknowledges you as a suitable wielder it will show its true power.” Igukami took a good swig of sake. “Do not forget that that. I got such a good deal for it at the heavenly gacha weapon store. Only 980 yen per spin.”

Gacha? Huh?” Yugami exclaimed.

No more questions. I drink therefore I am… god. Fun is fun and work is… Oh wait— this is a ritual for you so it still counts as work. These damnable Japanese workplaces forcing you to drink with your boss and act like you are their friend and servant at the same time. Am I right?”

Yes, sir!” Yugami and Kagame blurted out at the same time as they downed some sake.

Hizumi soon passed out and was snoring but Yugami and Kagame didn’t stop even though they should have as they would soon find out. The sake made them start acting strange.

Oh sempai… There you are…” Kagame said while pouring Yugami another cup.

Sempai? Whose sempai am I? I don’t even work at this shrine…. Or any shrine… They kicked me out you know… I will kill them. No I mustn’t— killing is bad. Oh what’s wrong with me. Pour me another one if I am your sempai..”

We’ll be together sempai.”

Yes? Wh-Why are you so… close?”

Because you smell wonderful! Mmmmm! Yugami-sama.”

P-please stop, okay? Also drop the -sama. I am n-not that great okay. I got angry at you just because seeing all these demons and gods startled me. No it more than startled me.”

Yes! sempai’s shyness comes to the fore! Wonderful!”

Um… I don’t think shyness is the issue, and… Hizumi-san, what are you doing?”

Yugami’s and Kagame’s loud voices had woken up Hizumi who was no longer possessed by Igukami but was still under the influence of alcohol. She was setting up a machine foreign to this age.

Hm? Oh, this is a gift from Igukami-sama. It is a video-camera. I’ve gone to the trouble of employing you two, so I intend to enjoy it…”

Y-youre not paying us though! Um… Eep!”

Yugami protested.

Sempai, your tail tastes funny.”

What tail? Ah— stop biting on my hair you bunny demon!”

Hmm… Looks like bringing in a new comer was the right thing to do. I’m getting some great footage…” commented drunk Hizumi behind the camera.

I said let go of my hair!”

So you seem to not like having your tail licked. This is proving most educational. I’m glad I’m getting this on tape.”

Sempai, do you like being watched? Teehee, you are as red a beetroot…”

It’s the alcohol! The alcohol that’s making me red! Hizumi-sama please help me!”

I’d better get a tripod for my camera.”

The next morning Kagame was sound asleep again as Hizumi and Yugami prepared more talismans for the upcoming battle.

Yesterday,” began Yugami. “Yesterday was a night of debauchery. I don’t care if it’s god or the devil who orders me to. I am never drinking with you people again.”

I don’t know what took over us. It’s impressive that we finished all that sake in one night. I hope Igukami-sama was satisfied.” Hizumi commented.

Just look at the ends of my hair . That perverse demonic rabbit girl totally ruined it and now she’s sound asleep like nothing happened!”

I am sure your hair will grow out in no time you are young. Here let me cut the ends which have been bent.” Hizumi said to a teary-eyed Yugami.

That ‘video camera’ too must be an implement of the devil. It must be destroyed. I can’t get married anymore.”

Don’t worry I deleted the footage. No one will see what happened last night and you are a miko so you can’t get married anyway.”

Yugami nodded and let out a few tear drops.

Come now, it’s okay. Skin to skin contact is the best way to get to know each other. To make you feel better let’s have some tea and see your fortune on an o-mikuji by making an offering to Igukami-sama.”

O-mikuji are random fortunes written on strips of paper that are received by having a small offering at shinto shrines.

Yugami dropped a 500 yen coin into the shrines donation box and prayed for good fortune. An 0-mikuji materialised out a light in her hand.

It read: “The dreams that stretch on forever and the future we imagine. Today you will meet a beautiful long-dark-haired girl whose fuwa fuwa (fuzzy) have been strategically hidden by god rays.”

Hizumi has short hair… so could it to be Kagame… no her hair was not dark.’ Yugami mulled over her fortune.

Kagame had woken up and it seemed like she remembered nothing about last night.

Yesterday’s sake reminded me of home somehow.” A sleepy-eyed Kagame absentmindedly said.

Kagame do you remember what Igukami-sama told you last night?”

Y-yes, I will practice swings after purifying myself.” Saying so Kagame ran past them towards the water well with a slice of bread in her mouth slipping and falling over herself a few times on the way.

Hey, Hizumi-chan.”


Didn’t Hizu-chan just say that skin-to-skin contact is the best way to get to know each other? Is there really any use of Kagame washing herself? She’s a demon right? I don’t think she can purify herself.”

You are half-right.”

Hizumi smiled with her eyes closed in an understanding manner.

We haven’t done our own morning cleansing shall we join her?”

Under the light of a cold winter morning the shrine maidens did their morning ablutions. The water made their clothes nearly transparent.

Miko Story Ver 2

Miko Story Ver 2

Status: Completed Author: ,
Three Shrine maidens in an obscure Shinto Shrine have to fight their way to protect the world from the awakening of an evil deity. Will they find the time to have their sacred baths? Based on the Miko RPG scenario in Ryo Kamiya's Maid RPG.


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