Birthday Story Day #1

Day #1

The Mi-RAI Gadget Laboratory was a large laboratory somewhat removed from any big cities.

It was a relic of a previous civilisation, a civilisation which had destroyed itself in a time-machine world war over a thousand years ago. The laboratory had been converted into a mansion for a young aristocrat to inhabit, or rather to hole up in.

Behind the white marble walls of the laboratory tucked in a futon on a four-poster bed lay a reclusive 14-year old boy called Reiki Yamashita. Reiki had run away from the Directorate-Republic’s most prestigious boarding school, Faust’s Academy, and despite his parents’ earnest wishes lived alone with his maids and servants.

At first there had been high hopes within the Directorate-Republic for Reiki’s academic career. The reason for that was that Reiki’s parents were part of the Hero’s Party summoned from another world through a ritual that can only be done once every 250 years. They had served the Directorate-Republic faithfully and successfully in the war against the Avalon Kingdom. The Avalon Kingdom was conquered and annexed into the Directorate-Republic 10 years ago.

For his service, Hideki Yamashita, Reiki’s father, had been knighted a Knight of the Old Republic. He became a lord with his own domain in which Mi-RAI Gadget Laboratory was located.

[Note: The Heroes were not summoned from another world but from the past but don’t tell anyone I told you that.]

There was another reason for the high hopes in Reiki Yamashita’s prospects. He had access to the Galactic Leyline.

Instead Reiki became known as an hedonistic truant who only cared about being able to passively enjoy life, or to put it nicely that he had no prejudices to speak of.

The boy in question had spent last night watching the final episode of a 38-episode Super Robot Anime named “Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance.” The story was set in the 21st century. Two elementary kids piloted a red and blue giant mecha to protect humanity from an environmentalist mechanical empire.

Nana Nadesiko was sent by Reiki’s parents to care for him. At the MI-RAI Gadget Laboratory, there was no official “head maid,” but Nana effectively assumed that role. Her seniority, background, and longstanding service to Reiki since his birth made her the most suitable candidate.

Nana was an Hereditary Maid. Her mother served the Hero’s Party in the war with Avalon Kingdom, and later served the Yamashita family as a maid and bodyguard. Nana took pride in inheriting these duties from her mother. However, she also inherited her mother’s gambling habit, which she struggled to control. Her maid duties helped keep her in check.

Nana had freckles and a bright smile like cherry blossoms. However her most prominent feature was her bust and she hated the unwanted attention that it garnered.

In the kitchen, Nana stared at the calendar, pondering how to fulfill Lord Yamashita’s request. She wanted to persuade his son to stop being a NEET, indulging in anime and video games all day. Suddenly, something sparked in her memory.

She wouldn’t expect the newer maids to know, but she couldn’t believe she had forgotten something so important! Reiki’s birthday was only a week away!

Her shy master didn’t like big grand parties so every year the party was just a simple affair with the maids. This meant the maids had to prepare by baking a cake and arranging presents. ‘This might be a good opportunity to prevent Reiki-kun from becoming one one of those thirty year old Hikikomori.’

Nana saw this as a chance to prevent Reiki from becoming a thirty-year-old hikikomori. The thought of an overweight, balding man surrounded by trash in his room made her clench her fists in determination.

It’s time for a round table meeting!” Nana declared having gathered the two remaining maids.

Round-table meeting?” asked Yukino Nozomi as she brushed her blue bangs off her shoulder. “What round table are you talking about?”

Mayo Chiki, a little girl with blonde hair and golden eyes sat silently like a piece of furniture with her head buried in a book.

The round-table is in our hearts!” Nana insisted pounding her ample chest which wobbled further annoying the flat-chested Yukino. Mayo didn’t even look in Nana’s direction.

Yukino Nozomi came from a family even more prestigious than Reiki’s, but that was in the past. The Directorate-Republic’s Committee of Public Safety had guillotined her parents. She was the royal princess of the defeated Avalon Kingdom, now occupied by the Directorate-Republic. Stripped of her status, she was offered as a war trophy to serve the son of the Directorate-Republic’s strongest knight.

She obviously wasn’t too happy about this but she refused to escape the reality of the situation. In her times of despair she had prayed to Igukami, a snake god native to her land. Lord Yamashita, Reiki’s father, requested the Directorate’s Committee of Public Safety to spare her life, as their own laws deemed a child innocent of her parents’ crimes.

What does this “round-table” have to do with our duties as maids?” Yukino inquired.

It’s closely related, Yukinon.”

Please don’t use that insipid nick name…”

But Nozomi is too dull…”

Fine, whatever. Just call me Yukino, but not Yukinon.”

The little girl mechanically turned a page from her book and resumed reading nonchalantly.

Reiki-sama’s birthday is just a week away!” Nana finally exclaimed.

And?” Yukino asked, perplexed.

We have seven days to prepare cake and presents.”

The taciturn little girl finally put her book down and simply gazed at them with her deep golden eyes. Her fingers tapped on the book on her lap, but she remained silent. A cheap-looking red ring stood out on her hand against her elegant Lolita maid dress.

Mayo-chan is there something that you want to say?” Nana asked.

Mayo wrote something on a notepad and held it up for them to see It read: “No.” Then she returned to her reading.

So how will this affect our maid duties?” Yukino inquired.

Your duties as a maid come first. After your regular work each day, you can attempt to bake a cake and find a present for Master Reiki. That’s all,” Nana replied.

The round table meeting was over. Mayo got up to leaved but Nana stopped her.

If you’re thinking of asking the master directly what he wants for his birthday like you did last time then I would have to stop you. It has to be a surprise which shows how much you thought of the master. Use your experience as the master’s childhood friend.”

Okay.” Mayo wrote on her notepad and then departed. Nana sighed. With such anti-social maids it’s going to be hard to cheer up Reiki with this birthday party, Nana thought.

Mayo Chiki’s connection to Reiki Yamashita ran deep as more than just his “childhood friend.” She was his half-sister, an illegitimate child of Lord Yamashita and one of his maids. Reiki was quite fond of her and if she had asked he would have told her that their friendship was enough of a present for his birthday, as he had told her last year. It so happens that Reiki’s birthday coincides with a festival in the village and so he had accompanied Mayo on that festival night. The cheap-looking ring she wore was a ring bought by Reiki at that festival’s night fair last summer. Mayo was just eleven years old so she was not the best as a maid. Her position mostly served as an excuse for her to be with Reiki, as she lacked other friends due to her background. Her greatest worry was that her presence would tarnish Reiki’s reputation, which led her to stay silent and inconspicuous. However, this only drew her more negative attention and further isolated her.


It started out as a typical day at the MI-RAI Gadget Laboratory Mansion. The maids divided the morning duties among themselves. Today it was Nana Nadeshiko’s turn to wake up the master, the most challenging job in the mansion. Yukino would prepare the breakfast and Mayo would do the laundry.

There were DVDs, Light Novels, Manga, and Game Consoles slovenly thrown around the bed room. There was also some training equipment like dumb bells and research material strewn about. Nana carefully tipped over it from experience. A blend of electronic and synthesised melody echoed throughout the room. It was battle music that played from a handheld console which had been left turned on during the night but the console was nowhere to be seen. The music was coming from somewhere under the bed. The master of the house hated it when people touched or moved his stuff, insisting that “everything is where I can find it,” and so Reiki’s room was by far the dirtiest in the whole mansion.

Nana’s goal was to get Reiki to join the maids for dinner instead of staying alone in his room, indulging in anime he had obtained from the Galactic Leyline.

“Just five more minutes, Nana!” Reiki whined. “I feel like a pig shat in my head!”

It’s already 9 O’clock Reiki-sama. It’s not appropriate for a young master your age to sleep all day or to use that kind of language!” Nana scolded while shaking him ignoring his protests and groans. “That’s why I tell you not to spend all night accessing artefacts from the Galactic Leyline.”

“It’s fine, Nana. Besides, I don’t have anywhere to be, right?” Reiki despised official gatherings and had managed to avoid most of them by claiming distance as an excuse. “Even if I sleep all day and stay awake all night… No! Not the curtains! Anything but the curtains!”

It’s not just the curtains I should open the windows too to let some air in but I know that Reiki-sama hates fresh air so I won’t do that.”

Five minutes later.

Enough! If you don’t get up then I am going to get in your bed.”

Nana’s patience was wearing thin, which usually led her to acting manic.

What!? I’m sleeping right now, I’m exhausted.”

Hey, come on Reiki, please wake up or I’ll gamble away all the mansion’s gold. That’s fine isn’t it? Yes. The voices in my head says so.”

Nana said, patting his cheek and shaking his body vigorously.

Jeez… Oh well. Look, I’m awake. Let me go.”

Reiki said coldly, pushing her aside and getting up in his pajamas, leaving her on the bed.

“Come on, Reiki-sama, you need to change your clothes.”

“Stop bothering me so early in the morning.”

“It’s 9 o’clock, Reiki-sama.”

“That’s what you said 15 minutes ago, Nana. Get better at lying. Well, it wasn’t such a good dream anyway.”

He put a put on a lab coat over his pajamas which weren’t quite done up.

“Stop being so sloppy, Reiki-sama! What dream were you having, anyway?”

“Knock it off. I’m going to wash my face and eat something, okay? Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand, so it’s pointless.”

Come on, don’t be so cold, Reiki-sama. I may be 25 years old but I can still get you.”

After thinking about it over for a moment Reiki placed a hand on his chin.

“In my dream, I was watching anime on a big CRT television when I was about 6 years old.”

Nana made a face as if to ask, ‘Even in your dreams, you’re watching anime?’

“Okay, since you don’t want to hear it, I’ll stop.”

“No, no, I’m sorry. Please continue,” Nana said, performing an exaggerated dogeza on the bed.

Mmm.. Okay. Let’s just get it over with. A robot stands up, and a girl transforms and sings, and they fly up into the sky with an angel.”

That’s it?” Nana asked, confused.

That’s what I told you.” Reiki responded.

“Okay, Reiki-sama, but you have to button up your pajamas properly.” Nana suddenly said cheerfully.

What does it matter? I am going to change out of my pajamas anyway,’ Reiki thought, but he let her button up his pajamas properly.

The handheld console’s music finally stopped.

The GBA’s battery is dead. I should have saved. Oh well.’


As Reiki comes out of the washroom Mayo lightly hands a towel to him with a hand-written note.

Here’s your towel, Reiki-sama,” the note reads.

Thanks, Mayo-chan.” Reiki replied casually.

Mayo hastily writes on her notepad, showing it to Reiki:

Oh, you don’t have to thank me. After all, you saved me, Reiki-sama.”

Saved… you?” Reiki asks concerned. “Are you feeling alright, Mayo?”

Mayo sometimes had trouble sleeping and she occasionally felt a little mentally unstable.

Since I can be around you, I’m just fine Reiki-sama.” Mayo smiled slightly as Reiki read her note.

I guess so. Haha, of course.” Reiki weekly pats Mayo’s head.

R-reiki-sama, I’m really grateful to you. I l-ove you”” Mayo stuttered in her own voice without using her notepad. She hugs Reiki tightly.

“Mayo, stop! We’re step-siblings, and if someone sees us, they’ll think something’s going on!” Reiki scolds Mayo, clearly concerned about possible eavesdroppers.

I’m sorry, Reiki-sama.” Mayo writes on her notepad with a dejected look.

Uh… No, I’m not mad or anything.” Reiki hastily replied.

“Do you not like being near me, Reiki-sama? Is it because of that?” Mayo asks, tears welling up.

Feeling guilty, Reiki remains silent and hugs Mayo tightly.

“That girl is dangerous, isn’t she?” Nana rhetorically asked, spying on Reiki and Mayo from the corridor.

“Why are we spying instead of doing our maid duties?” Yukino asks, annoyed.

“Shh… Reconnaissance is part of a maid’s duties too,” Nana explains. “When that quiet girl asked to switch duties with me, it felt suspicious. But I was too startled from hearing her voice to refuse.”

Are you sure it’s not just your imagination?” Yukino asks, not bothering to lower her voice.

Hey, you two hiding over there, isn’t it time you prepared breakfast?” Reiki called out.

Yes, master!” Nana said dragging Yukino away with her.

Why do I have to run away too?” Yukino complained but followed Nana to the kitchen in the cafeteria.

“Because you were eavesdropping, dummy!” Nana replied. “We were hidden perfectly. I wonder how he knew we were spying. Must be some artifact from the galactic leyline he built.”

Reiki recognized Nana by her antenna-like hair sticking out as she eavesdropped and he heard Yukino’s voice, aslo there was no one else on this level of the laboratory.

“I know they mean no harm, but there’s no privacy here,” Reiki said, pressing his temples. ‘That’s why I spend most of my time in my room. I considered moving to a more secluded place, but then Mayo would have nowhere to go, and I wouldn’t be able to monitor the excavation of the laboratory’s lower levels.’

In the cafeteria, Nana and Yukino continued preparing breakfast.
“The toast should be ready soon.” Nana said. “We don’t have many ingredients here for a laboratory or a mansion or whatever this place is. Dammit, I should be able to prepare some kind of chow! Don’t underestimate a maid’s skills!”

Who are you fighting against exactly?” Yukino asked uninterested.

Are you curious?”

Not really. But you are right I am not sure what kind of place this is.” Yukino replied while spreading marmite and butter on the the toast. “Am I just a burden to you? You had to accept me because of the Assembly and the Committee of Public Safety, right?”

No, if you were a burden, you wouldn’t be here at all,” Nana clarified.

What do you mean?”

Do you really think the Committee of Public Safety is that merciful?” Nana looked around as if the walls had ears. “They’re the Committee of Public Safety after all.”

Yes, the ones who guillotined my parents.” Yukino added with a blank expression, placing the toast down.

“Y-yes,” Nana awkwardly began. Her husband had died in the war against the Avalon Kingdom, so she didn’t have much sympathy for the Imperial Family’s fate. “Exactly. When Reiki-sama heard about you, even though he was just a boy—well, he’s still just a boy—he pleaded with his father, who used his influence to petition the Directorate for your life.”

“I know. You don’t need to remind me. I owe the Yamashita family my life. So, what’s your point, Nana?”

“I don’t think the master sees it that way, but I believe you should repay him by helping me save him from a life of being a useless NEET.”

Are you praising him or not?’ Yukino pondered but ultimately decided it had nothing to do with her. She left to take Reiki’s breakfast to his room.

“All the maids here are such a handful!” Nana remarked when she was alone. After a while, she silently added in her mind, ‘Except me, of course!’

Reiki was engrossed in reading the latest issue of The Friend of the People, the national newspaper. The front-page headline covered Prime Director Lazare Carnot’s Virgin Lands Research Campaign, aiming to significantly increase corn production using artefacts from fragments of the Galactic Leyline found in time capsules and by redistributing farmland in the conquered Avalon Kingdom to the peasants.

Although Reiki felt powerless without any significant connections besides his father, he remained vigilant about external developments. His only goal was to prevent the Galactic Leyline from falling into the wrong hands.

A knock interrupted his thoughts. Reiki knew it was Yukino, as she was the only one who bothered to knock before entering his room. The rest simply barged in assuming he wasn’t engaged in anything important, which was often true. However, Reiki appreciated the gesture.

“Come in, Yukino-san,” Reiki called out. Yukino entered the room, carrying Reiki’s breakfast. Despite Reiki’s idiosyncrasies, Yukino considered him the most reasonable person in the household. This was partly due to her fear of members of her own sex, as all her siblings and relatives her age had been male, often leading her to be rude unintentionally [If I could write Japanese then she would be using the “ore” pronoun].

“I have a message from Nana-san. She insists that you join us maids for dinner tonight and won’t accept ‘no’ as an answer.”

Who is the master and who is the maid here? Just because she’s a bit older, she acts like my nanny…

“Fine,” Reiki replied. “It’s just dinner, and it’s better than listening to her complaints later. But on one condition: as soon as I finish eating, I’m leaving.”

“I will relay that to her, master,” Yukino said with a bow, then left the room.

Reiki breathed a sigh of relief. If only they all listened to me like her.

In a quaint backyard surrounded by tall trees Mayo was out hanging up freshly washed laundry. The sounds of birds chirping filled the air as the sun castes a warm glow over the scene. She used a stool to reach the clothesline as she carefully pinned each garment with a sense of purpose.

It took Mayo perhaps twice as long as it would have taken Yukino or Nana to do the laundry but she stepped back and admired the neatly arranged clothes now waving in the gentle breeze surrounding the laboratory. The distant sounds of the researches working beneath the laboratory could also be heard. She wiped the sweat from her brow and smiled satisfied with her work until she heard footsteps approaching her from behind. It was the postman dressed in a traditional uniform appearing at the gate. He carried a small bundle of letters in his hand and a messenger bag slung over his shoulder. Spotting Mayo in the yard, he walked towards her.

Good day, little ma’am! I have a letter for your master.”

Mayo looked at the postman with surprise wiping her hands on her apron. She had left the notepad indoors, not expecting to encounter anyone outside in the yard.

Mayo nodded and accepted an oversized letter. As she noticed the seal on the letter, her hands trembled slightly, but she made sure not to show any emotion on her face.

The postman bowed with a hand on his white cap and left Mayo holding the oversized letter in her small hand.


Nana sat on a comfortable chair in the laboratory’s Overground Tele-Communications Room with a notebook in hand. It was a cosy little study filled with books and a neatly organised desk. She wore some special spectacles which Reiki had gifted to her saying it was a special artefact which had the capability of enhancing the wearer’s mental faculties. This was a lie though, he just thought busty maids looked better wearing glasses.

Mmm…Two pounds of fresh lobster, a dozen oysters, a bottle of aged red wine… but the master is underage… though could drink the wine.” Muttered Nana.

In front of her was a microphone connected to telegraph machine and to a big red button labelled “Go.” Pressing it would convert her words into Morse code.”

She adjusted her spectacles carefully ensuring that she had a clear view of the notepad from underneath her spectacles. The spectacles actually obscured her vision and gave her a headache if she wore them for too long. She assumed that this was the price enacted by the spectacles of enhanced metal faculties.

Nana carefully wrote down the necessary details: the ingredients required, quantities, and delivery instructions.

And then with focused determination, Nana began to craft a telegram. She paused intermittently, carefully choosing her words to ensure clarity and precision.

“…2 pounds of fresh Akashic salmon fillets, 1 prime rib of beef (approximately 5 pounds), a dozen organic heirloom tomatoes…”

She sent the telegram hoping that the ingredients would reach her in time for tonight’s dinner.

Unbeknown to Nana, another maid, quietly entered the Overground Tele-Communications Room, and hid behind a tall bookshelf, hoping to observe without being noticed.

I wonder what Nana is upto. She seems so focused. I must find out.’

Peeking from behind the bookshelf, Yukino watched Nana diligently writing the telegraph. She see’s Nana’s determined expression, and her curiosity grows.

What could be so important that she needs to send a telegram? Is she a Directorate’s or another nation’s spy?

“…delivery required by 7.5 on the 20th of Germinal. Please confirm receipt of this telegraph.”

Nana solemnly completed her telegraph, collected her things and left the room.

Yukino was left alone perplexed by what she had seen but whatever the case may be she had a task of her own to complete.

She sat on the same chair where Nana had been and could feel her heat through its soft leather. The room was dimly lit which is why she had escaped Nana’s notice. She briefly entertained the thought that someone had been watching her watching Nana from behind another bookshelf but she dismissed it as nerves.
Yukino had already gone through the shelves of classified documents and maps in this room which were all indeed divinated from the Galactic Leyline but none of them had anything to do with what she was after. What she was searching for was nothing less than The Holy Grail of the Galactic Leyline, the mythical MG-204, 2nd Edition, Ver. 2.31. In her eyes and those of her comrades finding it was the only hope for her nation.

Yukino’s face reflected a mix of frustration and determination as she prepared to send a telegraph report to her contacts in the Avalon Brigade.

She took a deep breath, trying to push aside her disappointment. With her hands steady she began to type the telegraph message in Baudot code on the machine without writing it on paper and certainly not reading it aloud into the transcriber, like Nana had done, to prevent any eavesdroppers from catching on to her.

To the Avalon Brigade,

Agent zero reporting. Regrettably, my investigation at the mi-rai gadget laboratory mansion has yielded no substantial leads regarding the location of the galactic leyline. Despite thorough searches and discreet inquiries, the secrets remain elusive.

Further measures may be required to uncover the truth.

Yukino’s hand moved swiftly, her determination shining through every press of the telegraph key. She paused momentarily, contemplating the gravity of the situation.

Urgent assistance is requested. The stakes are high, and time is of the essence. We cannot afford any missteps in our pursuit of the galactic leyline. Await further instructions. Agent zero, out.”

With a final press of the telegraph machine’s lever, Yukino sent her message out into the world, praying to Igukami that it would not be intercepted by the Directorate but reach the right hands in Pendragon.

Yukino gazed at the telegraph machine for a moment, her mind filled with thoughts of her humiliated and subjugated island nation, and also with the importance of her mission and the potential consequences of failure. She took a deep breath determined to keep pushing forward despite the challenges.

I won’t give up. I’ll find the galactic leyline, no matter what it takes. The Avalon Brigade will guide me, and together we’ll uncover the leyline’s secrets. I’ll take back what they took from us Father.’

Yukino waited with her heart pounding, fearful that someone else might find her in here.

Suddenly the sound of the telegraph machine echoed through the silent room. Yukino rushed to it, her hands trembling with a mix of anticipation and insecurity. She decoded the words of the message without taking in the full meaning in yet.

Agent zero, we appreciate your efforts. Our research indicates a delicate touch may yield the desired outcome.”

Her gazed scanned the message, she immediately destroyed the message with an ink-erasing artefact, uncertainty clouded her expression.

The message revealed the Avalon Brigade’s plan for her: to seduce the master of the mansion in order to unveil the secrets of the galactic leyline.

S-seduce the master… Can I do it? What if I fail, jeopardising everything?’

Her shoulders slumped. Yukino doubted her own allure. The task seemed insurmountable, and she battled the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy.

But… the Brigade, my countrymen believe in me. I will learn, adapt, and face this challenge head-on. The secrets of the galactic leyline are too important to abandon.

Reiki’s eyes narrowed as he watched the surveillance footage of Yukino from his bedroom. A sly smile played on his lips while he lay in bed but at the same time his eyes were sad.

Reiki didn’t necessarily oppose the Avalon Brigade’s plans but he couldn’t let them have the Galactic Leyline’s power either. He had sworn to himself long ago that no nation should have that power.

He had known from the beginning that Yukino worked for the Avalon Brigade, as the laboratory’s surveillance system recorded all telegrams sent and received. He had played along to keep an eye on their activities. However, now that she was going to attempt to seduce him, he wasn’t sure what he ought to do.

On the laptop screen, a live feed revealed Yukino’s face etched with a mixture of determination and uncertainty. Reiki leaned forward, his eyes on her every move. He observed her as she received her telegraph message, her hands trembling with anticipation. As the true content of the message unfolded before Yukino’s eyes, and as Yukino’s uncertainty and vulnerability became evident — Reiki’s gaze hardened with a mixture of pity and annoyance.

Reiki was attracted to those with heroic traits because he wished that he himself was heroic. For a long time he had wished for a hero to come and save him from the burden of the galactic leyline but right now was not the time to get lost in that sort of escapism.

There was no knock on the door. The tranquillity of the room was shattered as the door burst open. Mayo rushed in clutching a large, ornately decorated envelope. Mayo was panting from having rushed here as she didn’t have good stamina but she still took her time to tear out a page out of her notepad to write her message:

Reiki-sama! I have an important letter for you! It’s regarding your birthday!” The message read with exclamation marks and in red ink.

Reiki looked up, startled by Mayo’s sudden entrance and the urgency in her writing. She only used red ink when it was truly an emergency. He hurriedly closed the surveillance feed. He had long since given up admonishing her for barging into his room unannounced.

He wasn’t a very master-like master, so his maids were not very maid-like either, he figured. Mayo hurriedly approached the four-poster avoiding the electronics, empty dvd cases and other debris lying on the floor.

The only thing which she couldn’t stand about Reiki was his lack of order and cleanliness. When she had brought this up, he had simply insisted that this was just his “NEET room” although she had no idea what that meant she didn’t care about it either.

Who’s it from, Mayo? Reiki wanted to ask but as soon as he saw the emblem and the seal he knew what was up.

Reiki’s eyes widened, a mixture of surprise and apprehension coloured his features. He took the letter in his hand and hurriedly unfolded it.

My parents… coming here? It has been quite sometime since we last met. Mayo if it bothers you I can…”

Mayo shook her head and started writing on her notebook.

Reiki-sama, if there’s anything I can do to assist with the preparations or make their visit more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to let me know.” The note read.

Reiki’s father was one thing but Reiki’s mother hated May

The ingredients Nana had ordered for dinner had arrived on time. Nana wondered why Lord Yamashita had decided to visit his younger son now. Despite knowing the family situation was going to complicate her plans for the master’s birthday she was far from giving up.

The spacious and well-equipped kitchen in the cafeteria was full of activity. Nana, the experienced maid, stood in her crisp apron. Yukino also wanted to help with the meal for their master, but for different reasons.

Yukino looked at the recipe that Nana had written for her, scanning the ingredients and instructions. Nana smiled envisioning the flavours and textures that will soon grace their master’s taste buds.

Yukino, we have quite the task ahead of us. Are you ready?”

I’m eager to learn and contribute.” Yukino nodded.

The two maids gathered the necessary ingredients. Nana handled the lobsters, their claws safely secured, while Yukino took charge of the beef, skill-fully trimming away any excess fat.

Yukino,” Nana said while passing her a knife, “Please slice the beef into thin, even strips. We want them to cook evenly and retain their tenderness.”

Yukino nodded and carefully followed Nana’s instructions, her focus was unwavering. As the beef was prepared, Nana tended to the lobsters, skill-fully removing the shells to reveal the flesh within.

The kitchen filled with the pleasant smell of the food they were cooking. Nana and Yukino worked together. Nana prepared a flavourful butter sauce, Yukino carefully arranged the beef and lobster on a platter, and Nana poured the butter sauce over it.

Phew. It’s finally over. Let’s present it to the master.”

Wait, Nana-san, isn’t he supposed to join us today?”

Right, right. How could I forget!?”

Together Yukino and Nana carried the plates and dishes on to the dining room. The table looked neat but not overly elaborate, after all this was where the maids ate while the master ate in his bedroom. Yukino volunteered to call the master since Nana was tired.

Yukino knocked on the door of Reiki’s bedroom.

Come in.”

Mayo and Reiki were playing some console fighting game while seated on the floor. Neither of them paid attention to Yukino as their eyes were fixed on the screen.

Yukino cleared her throat.

Excuse me, Mayo, Reiki-sama. Dinner is ready to be served.”

Yukino the meal can wait a bit longer. This game is really heating up, can’t it?”

Yes, master but the meal is getting cold and Nana is waiting for you.”

Reiki and Mayo reluctantly set their controllers aside and head to the dining area.

Something smells good.” Reiki said. Of course Reiki knew already what they had ordered because he had already read Nana’s telegram.

Reiki, as the master of the mansion, sat at the head of the table, eagerly awaiting everyone to have a seat. Mayo sat beside Reiki with her notepad and pen. Yukino and Nana served the lobster and beef with some veggies too.

I can’t wait to dig in! This looks delicious. Well done Nana.”

Thank you, Master. It was a collaborative effort. I couldn’t have made it on time without Yukino’s help.”

Yukino nodded.

Buon appetito.” Reiki said as they all began to savour their meal after another busy day at the mansion.

The room briefly fell into silence with only the sound of the forks and knives to be heard

I should get a television in here,’ thought Reiki.

Reiki asks for second servings and Mayo pulls at Reiki’s sleeve to indicate she wants seconds too.

Yukino and Nana drank wine while Reiki and Nana had juice despite Reiki’s protests.

They totally treat me like a kid when it’s convenient to them don’t they?’

The meal came to a satisfying conclusion leaving behind empty plates and contented faces. Reiki was the first to finish his meal.

Reiki-sama, I know the food tastes good, but you should chew it some more before…” Reiki zoned out of Nana’s nagging and was about to slip away.

Reiki-sama, shall we?” Nana said as she gestured towards a chessboard on the coffee table.

Reiki who was always up for a challenge nodded in agreement and took up a seat across from Nana. Despite what she usually was like Nana was a genius when it came to chess. Yukino and Mayo wanted to watch them play but started cleaning the table and washing the dishes in the meantime as there was no telling how long their chess game would take.


[I don’t think I am going to write a part 2 of this story so basically the galactic leyline is the internet archive, and it contains information on how to build a time machine.]

Birthday Story

Birthday Story

Status: Completed Author:
The Mi-RAI Gadget Laboratory is a secluded mansion where a reclusive 14-year-old boy named Reiki Yamashita lives with his maids. Reiki's parents were part of a Hero's Party summoned from another world and served the Directorate-Republic in a war against the Avalon Kingdom. Reiki has access to the Galactic Leyline and spends his time indulging in anime and video games. Nana, one of the maids, plans to organize a birthday party for Reiki to prevent him from becoming socially isolated. Mayo, another maid, is Reiki's half-sister and has strong feelings for him. Yukino the princess maid has a secret goal.


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