Chapter seven

“There comes a time, a moment in every man life where their life changes forever. Is it the will of the gods? Everyone from king to Warrior to commoner, to human to elf to dwarf to orcs. Their life’s path already laid out before them, and they have no choice but there play out their preordained role. Perhaps it is just chance. the randomness of an ever changing and transient world. Formed and shaped by the independent actions and movements of people. Those who preach for ether the forces of order or chaos have often made the case. Though I am not one who would be swayed to either side of this grand cosmic debate, I say let the Wisemen, the Scholars and the Sages ponder the nature of such things. but regardless once you have had that monument, in which I have had several in my life. Nothing is ever truly the same again. the first of these many paramount moments came to me. When I was but merely a young stripling, when I could barely hold a bastard sword or even wear a great helm upon my head. It was this time in my life when I first meet him. Tharos, the man who would change not only my life but the lives of so many others though this one chance encounter. He was my mentor, my best friend and my most trusted of confidants. A man who fought by my side, back to back in many a battle to the death, a man who took me to lands far beyond the setting sun, and a man who showed me the many delights and pleasures that life could offer you. The full details of which will have to be for another time. This Fateful encounter happened on the late hue of winter, when I was brought low by circumstances beyond my control and Forced into a life of servitude. Dragged against my will by whoever owned the chains around my neck. Zarbar The lost city.“ Excerpt From the memoirs of Cenric Dellcreek, The Illuminator, First King of Aria. Transcribed and Written By the chronicler Eadig the wise.

“ Cenric wake up. “
The small boy twisted and turned in his makeshift bed of made of loose bits straw and animal skins, as in repose to his name called out.
“ Cenric wake up. “ The voice repeated this time with a slight hint of worry. The boy slowly stirred slowly from his slumber with the iron collar around his neck scaping ever so softly on his bedding.
“ Cenric Wake up! “ The voice shouted in a stern tone.
The boy arose out of his bed like he was struck with a lightning bolt.
“ I … ama awake torag”
Cenric stood attention to the old man standing in fount of him. his golden blonde hair looking untidy and unkept, while his bright green eyes where focused staring at the old man in front of him. the old man was tall and muscular, his face was withered, with a greying and messy beard. His head was hairless and was smooth was marble.
“ You don’t have to be loud Torag. “
“ Would you have preferred that Lord Eilis or members from his ‘esteemed’ entourage wake you from your slumber Cenric?” there was a tone of slight sarcasm in his voice.
“ Point taken ”
“ Good, now get ready kid we are about to pack up camp and move out. Lord Eilis isn’t known for being a known for being a patient man especially towards thralls like us “ he says as he gestures to himself and around the tent that Cendric is standing in. his voice carrying a tinge of concern, but also a profound bitterness.
A bitterness that Cenric was quickly learning to understand. Unlike Cenric who only been a Thrall for only the last few months. Torag had been a Thrall for at least the last decade, and unlike Cenric who was just a humble son of a farmer. Torag had been an infamous warlord, a man who had commanded armies and brought entire cities and towns to the sword. Once he was a powerful and feared man, now he was just a weak old man who pride, ambition and spirit had been utterly broken.
Cenric couldn’t understand why men like Torag existed, or to be more precise why men like Torag would risk losing everything in the quest to acquire more. Perhaps it because he was still a child who view of the world, was shaped by what he could see outside the village walls. Maybe his humble birth and stature in life never gave him the kind of hunger that many men like Torag had, the same look of hunger he saw in Lord Eilis and in many of his followers. Cenric still couldn’t understand it, however if there was one thing he did understand, the one thing he could truly understand was the feeling that things had to change. These never ending wars between warlords fighting over the scraps of a once mighty empire, for a crown that was rusted by time and a throne that lies empty, had to stop. However, this was how things had always been or at least as long as his father or the village elder could recall. The land of aria being carved up like a festival feast.
But before Cenric could reflect more on these thoughts, he is interrupted by a furious voice.
“ Oi your lazy gits get to work. “ The voice shouted out from outside the tent.
Torag shakes his head and then looks down on the floor “ well duty calls. “ Torag leaves the tent, as a rough looking man pass him. the man giving him a threating stare. Before turning his attention to Cenric.
“ Good news kid you’re going to Feeding the prisoner and keeping watch on him. during our baggage train “ The man says with a rough grin on his face. “ Though I would be careful, he is feeling quite feisty this morning. “ Cenric noticing the man new black eye and several nicks and dents in his chain mail armor. The man passing Cenric a small bag.
“ Yes sir “ Cenric respond his eyes looking downwards towards the ground. As Cenric was about to leave. He felt a sharp pain from the back of his head, as an armored first hit him. his head and ears where ringing as the fist made impact. Cenric staggered forth slowly turning around to the man.
“ You will speak when I give you permission to speak and move when I tell you to move. Understood! “ The man sated in an angry tone of voice. Cenric with his head and ears still ringing, and blood slowly dripping from the back of his head. Slowly nodded his head in response. “ Much better. “ The man gives a satisfied smirk, along with a quick stare from his hungry looking eyes, as if he was a predator sizing up his new quarry. The man then leaves the tent, his voice still being heard far beyond the tent barking more orders to the other Thralls or the sound of his armored fist hitting bone, sometimes being accompanied with a satisfying crunching noise. Cuthfrith was Lord Eilis overseer of slaves and thralls, he was a rather cruel man, but Cenric felt he got off quite Lucky this time, considering the rumors that were spread around camp about him or what was said in hushed whispers among the other thralls. the special attention he often gives to small boys. Cenric shivered at the thought quickly leaving the tent once he was out of earshot.
“ This was the way things were, but did it always have to be this way? if only……” before he would finish. Cenric found himself interrupted mid thought as a small rays of sunshine shined upon him, the light hitting him in the eyes. Cenric Raising his hand to shield his eyes from the sudden stinging sensation that assaulted his eyes. The rays of the sun that fainty pieced though the thick clouds to shine upon him, would then fade away as quicky as they had appeared. Rubbing his eyes Cenric would make his way to Rayner holding cell. As he headed there the camp was alive with activity, the various camp followers and thralls moving back and forth. The personal soldiers of Lord Eilis and Various mercenaries he hired where equipping their gear, most of them where armored in chain mail, along with carrying various types of Axes & Swords. While others were enjoying their breakfast. Some of them would stare coldly at Cenric as he walked by, others didn’t notice or care he was there. As More focused on their conversation, as they huddle and talk around a diming campfire. Cenric would overhear some of their conversation as he walked past.
“ I hope we get some action soon on this god dam trip, it’s been nothing but training and marching for the last month. Are we sure this city is real. ”
“ It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. We get paid ether way. “
“ I guess, your right, but. “
“ But what. “
“ What about the other people who got sent on this job, none of them ever returned. ”
Cenric felt the hairs on the back of neck stand on edge, upon hearing that. Cenric had heard around camp that they are looking for some long lost city, though he never managed find out the reason why. Though he could probably figure it out, treasure, maybe a powerful magic artefact of sorts. However, he felt there was more to it than that. If it was just simple treasure Then Why go to all this effort, if it was some powerful magic artefact, it would explain why lord Eilis is now personally leading this expedition after many failed attempts to get his prize. However, something didn’t feel right to Cenric, he felt there something more to this more than just simple riches or power, maybe the motives of someone like lord Eilis or men like him was something he didn’t understand, but he understood this much. The sinking feeling at the pit of his stomach, the cold chills he felt at the back of his neck. Something was wrong, deeply wrong but what was a question that Cenric couldn’t answer. After passing though more soldiers and some of the other thralls who were busy with their own tasks, he came to a stop at the entrance of the tent that contained Rayner holding cage. Cenric took a deep breath and walked in. what greeted him was the sight of a man who was beaten, bloodied and chained up in an iron cage. He was tall as a mountain and as wide as a grand oak tree, his body marked with scars and various tattoos. His features were wild and wolflike, his eyes whereas blue as the Azure sky, and his was Bright Red like fresh blood. As Cenric entered he saw Rayner move ever so slightly and move his head in Cenric direction. Cenric eyes linked with his, His eyes reflecting a strength of will, that made Cenric recoil and step back Slightly. They had beaten him, but they had not broken him. Cenric would regain his composure and speak up.
“ I have your food here. “ Cenric says as he slowly walks towards the edge of the cage and places the bag of food in the cage. Dreading what was to come next. However, instead he noticed Rayner eyes soften ever so slightly.
“ Just take the food and go welp. “ Rayner spoke up, his voice echoing a pride that Cenric didn’t understand.
“ Why?” Cenric asked curiously.
“ Because I would rather die in this cage a free man, than live at the whims of my captors, plus” Rayner looked at Cenric up and down. “ You need it more than I do”.
“ Thank you “ Cenric would walk about of the tent, looking around to make sure no one was watching. He would greedily devour the food. If he gotten caught eating without permission, there was no telling what would happen to him. best case he would beaten and not be allowed food or water for a few days, worse case. Cenric shivered at the thought of what punishments Cuthfrith sick mind would think up. After finishing the food, Cenric could see the camp was almost packed up, it would be time to move soon. Cenric could see Torag waving over to him, signaling to Cenric that he would part of the baggage train.
For several hours Cenric would Follow behind the rest of the camp, his feet sore from carrying a massive bag strapped to his back, the sun was hot beating down with great intensity upon him, accompanied by a Cool and blistering wind. Cenric felt every muscle in his body tire and stain, his breath Heavy, with Torag giving him a slight push when ever he would slow down. As the walked over a series of sand dunes. Cenric could hear shouting in the distance.
“ We found it, we have found it, The city It’s real, Zarbar. “
As Cenric and Torag across over the dunes, they saw it. What greeted them far in the distance like a shining jewel was the slight of a massive city. Cenric was relieved that soon this walk would be over, however the sinking feeling at the pit of his stomach, and the cold chills he felt with greater vigor than ever before destroyed that notation. Something was wrong with that city; something was deeply wrong with that city. And Cenric felt he was the only one who felt this way. as they moved closer to the city, the city in all its decaying splendor in full view. Cenric noticed something, it was brief but for a split second he though he saw someone standing on top of one of the cities many buildings, watching them as they approached the city outer wall. “ What is it Cenric. “ Torag asks as he notices Cenric stare off into the distance. “ it’s nothing Torag, I just thought. “
“ You thought what?”
“ I thought I saw someone, up there.” Cenric pointing to the building where he saw the figure.
“ It was probably nothing Cenric, the desert can play tricks on you.
“ Yes, I hope so.“
Cenric knew he saw something, but maybe Torag was right it was just the desert playing tricks on him, the city looked abandoned and devoid of life. there shouldn’t be anyone or anything living here. But Cenric couldn’t help shaking another feeling he had. that this city wasn’t as dead or abandoned as it first looked, Cenric stared up at the sky at the thought, the sun shining ever so Brightly.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

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