Messy Beginnings

PROLOGUE: Messy Beginnings

In the land of the Damned, there are two kinds of people; the arcaneers who curse on people with horrible and ruthless magic.. And the poor souls who are cursed upon.

This is a world that’s as cold as it is ruthless, destroyed buildings line the land of Gomorah. Tribes of scavengers, pirates and all matter of undesirable folk populate this sick and rotting place like maggots on a roadkill carcass.

But even in this shithole lies hope, the hope to find The Hand: a giant monolith made of old magic that is said to grant anyone’s wish, no matter who, or how it may be.

This is the story of these visionaries, the ones who never lost hope in such a bleak and decrepit place.

“Uhmm Doc?”

A wooden door opens, it’s hinges made of more rust than iron but it doesn’t creak.

As the light pierces through the dilapidated shack, various Doodads and gizmos could be seen. Though they’re more weird Rube Goldberg machines…

“Oh dear.”

As the door fully opens, and we are introduced to the main character of our little adventure: Rosemary

Rosemary is a small girl, timid and skinny with a cute, small Bob cut. She wears a robe two sizes too large, her skin is a semi-translucent blue with a slimy texture. And on her head is a large Conical hat that looks more like a snail shell than any

comfortable headwear one should have.

“This place is a mess- Doc?! Where are you?”

She’s right, as little Rosemary walks further in the room, placing the spare key under the welcome mat. The garbage seems to be piling on further and further, with a assortment of useless trash flood the deeper crevices of the room, plastic wrappers, used laboratory equipment, and rusted empty cans of who knows what.

As she makes her way through the room, Trying her best to not step on anything too fragile. She makes her way to another door. This particular door is pure steel, cold to the touch.

When She touches it, a surge of chill overtakes Rosemary and she immediately withdraws her hand.

“Ah! coldcoldcoldcold-“

She gets slightly startled, but after a few seconds. She got to grab the cold door handle by using her robes as a barrier between her sensitive skin and the freezing handle.

Click! As the steel door slowly opens, a comfortable warm air rushes out. A total far cry from the freezing door outside.

The entire room is covered in metal, with light switches, levers, cranks and dials line the walls like a overdetailed busy board.

At the wall across the door is a large

magic glyph. With wires and other mechanical things decorating the outside.

As Rosemary flick various switches labelled “VOLUME”, ” AMPLIFICATION “, ” OUTPUT” and “INCANTATION”. The room gets filled with a soft hum, a buzz that echos thoughout the whole place.

After that, she picks up something off the ground; a large stick with various wires running from it to the neighboring machinery, at the tip of the stick is a microphone duct taped on it.

Rosemary taps the microphone twice, the glyph picks up the noise and it glows purple as the tapping sound gets amplified

She takes a deep breath, points the microphone at her mouth. With the stick

pointied at the door like a gun, then-


As Rosemary breathily shouts those words, the glyph glows a mystical purple and the machinery start vibrating.


And then FWOOSH! A large torrent of wind comes out of the stick, lifts her up on the ground, then tosses her out the room and into the mountain of rubbish.

A loud crash is heard as she slowly regains composure again after that little stunt

“Woah, That’s so Wizard….”

Rosemary says with a large smile on her face. Then the phone rings.

“Phone… Aw where is it… “

Rosemary rummages through the Mounds of rubbish grunting, occasionally getting poked and prodded by some of the dangerously sharp objects at the Mounds.


Rosemary didn’t get to pull out the entire telephone, but the phone was now in her hands. With the wire going godknowswhere.

“Hey Doc?”

“Rose? Rose! Are you there?”

“Yes I am Doc, what’s up.”

“Go to the bluish plains by precisely 2:30 AM! I have found a way to exercise my brilliance yet again and I require your assistance!”

“Wait, hold on and slow your roll, Doc.. You haven’t been at your place for a week, what happened?”

“1 week, 2 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 25 seconds! To be exact!”

“Is Grigio there?”

“Yes! He is safe and sound with me.”

“By the way, did you use the magic amplifier today?” The Doc then adds.

Rose gulps

“If you are, be careful! There may be a slight chance of overload if you turn everything on! “

“… Uh huh, sure Doc. Sounds like a great tip-“

As she says that, every clock in the Doctor’s house rings loudly. Making a deafening roar throughout the whole place.

“I-is that the clocks ringing?! “ The doctor yelps

“Uh yeah, it’s 8 o’clock Doc, why? “


“25 min- Are you telling me it’s 8:25?!” She says immediately springing up and heading towards the door

“D-damn! I’m late for school!”

as Rosemary slams the phone down, She hurriedly rushes to her broomstick. When She gets on, motorcycle handles prop out of the wooden shaft. Rosemary then kicks off her feet, but instead of going down, she flies off with her broomstick making a audible rev as she flies off in the distance.



Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2024
in this world where the world has ended, how can you live your best life? In Gomorah, powerful Arcaneers have oppressed the humans with terrible and deadly curses. But this place is not without hope, somewhere deep in the bowels of this trashed planet lies "The Hand" a mysterious monolith that is said to grant any wish. This is the story of friendship, violence, and grime This is: YAKI-YAKI When things hit rock bottom, why not go deeper?


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