chapter six

The creature screamed in pain as Tharos jammed his dagger into the creature neck. It’s death howls where of that of a screaming banshee, as its wolf like jaws recoiled and snapped at Tharos, trying to bite into his flesh. As Tharos pushed the dagger deeper and deeper though the creature thick hide. Black blood spayed forth from the creature, the blood sizzling the broken and chipped stone roads that spread thought out the city like blood vessels. The creature twisted form, an amalgamation of a wolf and an ugly youth. It Twisted and turned as the last vestige of life left it’s body as it dropped dead to the ground. Tharos shoving the creature body out from under him, dusting himself off and reaching for the dagger still suck into the creature Throat. As he pulled out the dagger a sizzling noise can be heard as the dagger starts rusting away crumbing away into dust. Tharos face would twist into a slight but bitter smile at the sight of this, as he starts to wipe off the blood his person. It felt hot and oily though his armoured Gauntlet, his gauntlet would let out a Fait sizzling noise accompanying it would be a strong smell of rust, it was a smell that remined him of the time when he once visited a dwarf city on sky blood mountain and became acquainted with a dwarven forge master. He would spend hours watching the forge master mould and shape metals like one shapes clay, it was an impressive sight. One that Tharos wanted to replicate and in his youthful naivety asked the forge master if he could teach him. however, his response and what followed next was rather blurry to Tharos, but he remembers the phase diplomatic incident being muttered in the once hallowed halls of the king’s chamber.

now Finished with Wiping off all the blood that once covered his now battle torn form, his Armor had received several new dents and cuts, ones that where expanding, as rust started to take hold, his tatted cloak had seen better days. In-fact it was more akin to a tatted cloth, than a tatted cloak. Tharos would look around his amber coloured eyes darting side to side as he starts examining and scanning the scene of carnage left before him. several bodies of more twisted and misshapen creatures laid out before him, there blood and guts decorating the stonework around him joining in this rather grim display of utter savagery and butchery was several pieces of his own flesh included was his left arm which was still holding his now rusting shield.

Tharos paused for a Secord to take in the fact that he has lost his left arm in the middle of the fighting and did not realize it. Or perhaps more likely he just ignored it. he was so used to losing limbs and other assorted body parts that he considered such a thing a rather minor inconvenience at most. As he picked up his left arm from the ground and started to align it with his elbow. small and thin strings of flesh were coming out of his coming from his elbow, it reminded him of wringing worms, as muscle fibres and blood vessels would stew themselves back together again. he felt a strong tingling feeling coming from his left arm, like it was being pricked by many needles, as fresh blood rushed in to fill the limb that was emptied of it. It would take several more moments of utter mind numbing silence before the sensation would cease as Tharos felt the flow of life return to his arm, with the muscles in his hand and fingers twitching ever so slightly at this return of renewed strength. He would slowly move each of his fingers one at a time, the bones in his fingers creaking and cracking at each flex, stopping as he forms a fist in his left hand.

Tharos would turn his back toward the scene of this latest battle and continue forward with his daily patrol. It had been a month since the sorcerer’s tower exploded and things had gotten from bad to worse. The resulting surge of arcane energy had not only destroyed the more esoteric defences of the city, but it also had irreversible damaged the city lay lines, and as if in response to this fact. More twisted Creatures would show up with increasing and alarming regularly. And to make matters worse the seal that was keeping the creature bound within the city, was slowly weakening and eroding. Soon it would be free. Within 6 months to a year was Tharos best estimate, but Tharos himself knew that this estimates was an idealistic and hopeful guess at best. He felt that time was running out, like a hourglass counting down the time of doom, as small gains of sand trickle down to the bottom. There was however one small silver lining, the seal that had kept Tharos Trapped in this city was also weakening as the days moved on, he felt it in his bones as if a great weight was slowly lifted off him. Soon he too would be able to leave this city. Soon he would be able to leave the safety of the city crumbling walls, soon he would be able to travel though the yellow sands, soon he would be able to travel to beyond lands further than the eye could see, and soon he would regain his powers.

A lone selfish thought had been eating away at Tharos mind during these last several days at the reveal of this information. What reason did he have to care about this current era and its people, why should he bother Protecting people he didn’t even know or people that wouldn’t last more than a blink of the eye for him. sure, the creature would kill many people, possibly destroy several civilizations in the process. Before being stopped by some great hero or perhaps the gods would intervene. But the result would be the same Tharos would still be there standing, unchanging and timeless as he always has been for felt like centuries beyond counting. However, such thoughts didn’t sit right with him, he felt it was a betrayal of something, something long ago that he forgot, something important to him. he shakes his head in frustration, his messy black hair flicking away the tiny snowflakes resting gently on his head. As he climbed on top of an abounded house to survey the city. He noticed in the distance outside the city, what looked like movement. As he stared in that direction and focused his eyes. He saw what looked like several massive wagons, along with heavily armed men to many for him to count. The treasure hunters had showed up again and this time they brought a small army. Whatever they were seeking, whoever was sending them. Tharos knew one thing They were serious, and they wouldn’t be denied there prize. Tharos griped the hilt of his sword, and his face would twist into a bitter smile. “Let the Hunt begin. “

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

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