Makoto Izumi

Izumi is a gloomy-looking glasses-wearing girl with long hair down to her waist.

She has a pink flip-phone in the box. It had a cute rabbit-shaped phone charm dangling from it.

Her sister, currently in England for work, asked her to keep the club she used to be part of from closing. Izumi owe her a favour, so this is her way of paying her back. Izumi tried to get new members for the club by herelf, but that didn’t work.

Izumi’s gloomy figure was present at the gym during Student Orientation Day, when clubs tried to get first years to  but even if there was a bookish girl like her at the gym her presence was easy to be missed. A girl like her would struggle to get new members to join and be stuck with Tanaka and Yamada who saw their chance.