Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City


It was a clear night. The moon and stars shone in the dark sky above, illuminating the sand-covered ruins below. The ruins were of a mighty civilization from an age that most people referred to as myth—a time of gods, monsters, and mighty sorcerer-kings. No one knows what caused the downfall of this mighty civilization, aside from half-baked rumours & speculation.

However, in the centre of the ruin stood a youth. He was Tall & Lean, and his physique looked as if it was carved from stone. his skin though of a tanned complexion, had a pale sheen which gave him a rather ethereal quality. his face was studious and hawk-like, in contrast to his messy black hair, which blended into the darkness. His amber-coloured eyes where faded and had a faint luminous glow to them. he wore a tatted hooded cloak, that covered his rusting breastplate, and by his side was a curved bronze sword, that was glistening in the moonlight.

It was a quiet night, and he enjoyed these monuments of seclusion. It gave him time to swim in the memories of eternity. This city was his home once, a place whose name has been forgotten by the sands of time. Even though all before him is sand and ruins. in his memories, the city lives on. As he walks through the city, the light and sounds of people play in his mind in an endless loop. He sees the smiles of children as they play in the street, he sees the leathery faces of labourers transporting stone, and he hears the voices of merchants applying their trade.
How long had it truly been since this city was full of life, ten years hundred years, maybe a thousand years? He had used the passing of the stars to keep track of time, however, he had seen so many stars pass over the night sky that he had lost track. Maybe it was a Thousand years, at least last time he checked, but when was that exactly? A question that ate away at his mind as he swam in his own memory.

As he continued to walk down the street heading towards the south gate, he noticed the flickering of a small light in the far distance. Like a moth to a distant flame, he walked closer towards the light, as he got closer, he spotted the embers of a once small campfire. his guard was up now as he moved closer towards the campsite. There weren’t supposed to be people in this city unless they were squatters trying to eke out a meagre existence in the corpse of this once-great city. As he investigated the campsite, he noticed that this campsite was vacant, and for squatters, they seemed to be well-equipped. weapons made in a style that was unfamiliar to him laid about the campsite, tents and a makeshift shelter made of solid construction, and looking through the tents & makeshift shelter, in the makeshift shelter he noticed a solid wooden table and on the table were piles of maps and books written in a language unfamiliar to him. Looking at the map, he noticed it was a poorly sketched-out map of the city. He thought to himself, “seems like another group of treasure hunters”. He thought to himself. you would figure they would get the message after all the other treasure hunters they sent went missing, but the danger is an ever-alluring prospect for the foolhardy & adventurous.

As he left the campsite, now searching for his latest quarry. It didn’t take him too long to find them even with his sharp senses. the touches they used to light their way, the sound of their foreign tongue, made them easy to find. there were twenty of them, armed to the teeth. it seemed like they were investigating the old temple of the city. “Too many to take on at once.” he thought to himself even for someone of his abilities and skills. So, for the next few hours, he partook in one of his pastimes, he would watch them from the shadows, watching their every move and when the time was right, he would strike from the shadows picking them off one by one. He didn’t get any pleasure doing this, because what these treasure hunters failed to understand, is that some Ruins are best left untouched, and if this city only held riches from ages past there would have been no issue, as Tharos held no sentimentality for the various trinkets & knickknacks that laid about the city. however, the depths of the city laid something dangerous, far more dangerous than the ghost of a youth that now stalks the hallowed halls of this once great city. A monster would be an accurate description if you were to put it in simple terms. What it is truly is unknown aside from the fact it’s highly dangerous, so dangerous that not even the most arrogant or prideful sorcerers would even attempt to control it.

He then stood atop the roof of the temple overseeing the effect of his labours, his cloak was stained with a thick layer of red, and his Armor and sword had several new dents and scratches. This was the 11th group he had dealt with within the last few years. Normally it would be another few decades before another group of treasure hunters showed up, but this time was different, and the encounters were increasing with an alarming regularity. “These treasure hunters seem to be more organised than I first thought “As he stared up to the night sky above Tharos felt he had work cut out for him.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

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  1. Stefankeys says:

    I can only speculate but sounds like there’s some kaiju-sized monster down there, though it would be funny if it was just some pink-haired, twin-tailed over-powered little vampire girl in a gothic lolita outfit, or could it be an ancient mech too. In any case, I am looking forward to reading more chapters

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