chapter four

The sun dim in the cloud filled sky, a cool an almost frigid breeze blew though the city. With a city itself being covered in a thick layer of snow, it was a refreshing change from the sweltering heat, and endless sand that would colour the city and perforate it’s every nook and cranny. Sitting down on a roof of a degraded building, with his now snow covered hair and cloak fluttering in the breeze is Tharos.

It had been several months since he had been into the archives, it had taken him half that time to read though the information contained in the archives, and he was currently taking a break overseeing his work. Spending the last month setting up the more mundane defences of the city, and to his surprise most of them still worked. however, at this chagrin the more esoteric of the city defences, were going to be quite the undertaking. “It is times like I wish Vartark was here he would have known what to do” while Tharos was well read in many subjects, he only had basic knowledge when it came to arcane, and unlike Vartark he had no talent for magic. Being born under the sign of the warrior and being blessed by the god of knowledge & wisdom, his path in life was chosen the day he was born, including his interests and hobbies. During his younger years Tharos would often question and chaff at his role in life. to always been told by his elders ” the gods created us in their image, and they made you with a purpose in mind, and this purpose gives your life meaning even if you don’t know what your purpose is” as he mused about the past. Tharos sat down dusting the snow off his person.

And began to polish his lovely new sword. It was a long straight double edged blade, and it was made of a metal unfamiliar to Tharos. The closest thing he could think was the metal that the elves or dwarfs used, however it was a much lighter and stronger metal than the metal used for this sword, and its design unlike the eloquent and precise used by the elves or the durable and rugged used by the dwarfs. If anything, this sword was designed with practicality in mind. As he finished polishing off his new sword, he gave it a few good swings. It felt quite heavy on his wrist and required a lot more power and weight put into his swing, after several more minutes of swinging, the sword started to feel natural and normal in his hand. Seeing that his sword arm was up to par, he sifted the sword back into its scabbard, next was a small, rounded shield, made from similar metal that the sword was made from. next where two daggers, and unlike the more curved and smaller daggers Tharos was used too, these were straighter, and bigger, and last but not less was a bow, this bow was of a different design compared to the bows that he was used to, and the arrow flew far farther as well almost as if they were blessed by the very wind itself. “These weapons should help me greatly in my defence of the city, however? “

Tharos turned his head and focused his gaze on the sorcerer tower “that’s going to be very tricky” during his readings he found that to activate the more esoteric aspects of the city defences, he would have to go to the top of the sorcerer tower and activate them from there. However, this was easier said than done, even when the city was full of life, the sorcerer tower was a dangerous place, the magical traps, & defences killed anyone who were stupid or foolish enough to even come close to it without being invited, and those people where the lucky ones, the unlucky ones where those who encountered the various creatures that the sorcerer had bound to their service. Normally Tharos would avoid that place like the plague, but necessity breeds action, and if he didn’t get the defences activated what sleeps underneath the city could escape to the outside world, and while Tharos shared no ties to this current age or the people that lived in it, but to damn them to an Oblivion most foul would go against everything that he believed in and still believed in even after the long millennia. However, just rushing in was going to get him killed, not even his abilities would save him from certain death. “With luck, the defences and traps may have been degraded with time, the creatures however…. “Tharos shook his head at the thought “What if those creatures I encountered in the archives were creatures that escaped from the tower?” The thought filled him with concern about what could be in that tower, “however acting on assumptions without proof was also a foolish notion” Tharos got up and made his way down from the building he was sitting on, climbing down a thinly constructed ladder made from rope and planks of wood. walking through the snow covered streets heading closer toward the tower. However unknown to Tharos flying high above the sky, a shadowy silhouette casts it’s ravenous gaze upon him.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

Tharos The eternal: Volume 1 The fallen City.

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