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Reading Guide

t represents a thought, where t is the current character’s innermost thoughts whereas a situation is happening.

“d” represents a dialogue, where d is the spoken dialogue.

‘o’ represents an onomatopoeia, where o is the designed onomatopoeia.

‹c› represents a concept, where c refers to something less mundane, that ought to be given more relevance.

* * * * * * * * * * represents an undefined amount of time which has passed.

|• t •| represents a system window title, where t is the designed title.

| m | represents a system window message, where m is the designed message.

|— b —| represents a system window button, where b is the designed button’s action name.

← r represents a recapitulation, where r is the last paragraph of the previous chapter.

How To Become God

How To Become God

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2024 Native Language: English
An insane person: inherently opposer of the status quo, is abruptly transported into a realm known as ‘Tutorial’. Deprived of any guidance, they quickly grow infuriated. However, soon enough they discover the means to confront the 0th-Stage, and thereafter excitedly take on the challenge. The difficulty opted for by the protagonist, though, soon proves why it's called 'Legendary'. Nevertheless, although the difficulty achieves to pose threats to them at first; they also soon prove why they're the protagonist, quickly beating the stages in the most insane ways possible.   Growing at an absurd rate that amazes gods and clowns death, what else can they do but to make use of their newly obtained power?


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